How Talavera Tiles are made?

There are two production techniques used for making talavera tiles. One is more artistic and the other even though handmade is kind of mas production. The first method requires a skilled painter to decorate each tile piece by piece. Senor Blanco shown on the photo is a classic example of best craftsmanship artisan. I would even argue it is art and not simply the artisan work. It takes considerable amount of time to fulfill any sizable order and it could be also quite expensive.

mexcian tiles

The other methods requires perforated foil used to move paint over them and there are as many of them as colors in the talavera tile design. Tiles from Mexico sold in the US and the rest of the world are handcrafted that way. It is possible for a single employee to paint hundreds of tiles a day. This short movie made by Rustica House shows how talavera tiles are hand painted in Dolores Hidalgo.

mexican talavera tiles


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