Talavera Tiles for Kitchen

Can I install mexican tiles on a kitchen counter? The answer is it depends. Talavera tiles from Mexico are made of soft material so they are at risk of being damaged one cutting food on them with a niff or chopping a stake. They are water resistant so the moisture is not going to cause any damage. It is recommended using a grout containing silicon for filling up spaces between them and sealing the entire surface. So if you are not planning on intensive cooking and food preparation directly on them, yes, you can install Mexican tiles on your kitchen counter. For add finishing touches use Mexican tile bullnose and other trims for edges, wall and counter corners.

Mexican Tiles for Kitchen Counter

Rustic white talavera tiles from Mexico installed on the kitchen counter and central island. They are accented with white and cobalt color trims. On the top of the counter you can see a beautiful flower vase and talavera ceramic dishware decorated with dark blue patterns over white background. Those are typical colonial period colors.




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